Llangybi Residents Club

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Permanent Llangybi Residents

(Tue – Fri Only, Not During Happy Hours)

White Hart Residents Card

From Monday 17th September 2018,  the White Hart is introducing a local residents card for our locals in the Village of Llangybi where we are based.

This card will allow Llangybi residents who visit the White Hart to qualify for a free pint of beer after every 5 purchased pints.

How This Works

Residents can request a residents Membership card from us when visiting the White Hart (just ask one of our Staff who will help). Each applicant will need to provide proof of residence in Llangybi (for example, a drivers licence or utility bill or another official document with the requester’s Llangybi address). Once residence is confirmed, a card will be provided, one card per applicant.

Each time a pint of beer is purchased at the White Hart we will stamp the membership card of the buyer. After 5 pints bought (5 stamps), the 6th pint will be absolutely free.


There are currently a number of constraints to the membership card scheme;

a) The scheme will only operate from Tuesday to Friday (the White Hart is closed Mondays).

b) We have recently re-introduced Happy Hour (4pm – 7 pm, Tue – Fri). The scheme will not operate during happy hour.

c) The scheme is currently limited only to beer.

We are keen to support the locals of Llangybi and this is what we are able to do at the moment. If interest is high and those interested are visiting the White Hart, then we will look at extending the scope of the membership to include other drinks in addition to beer and operation over the weekend. Perhaps also a little further out than Llangybi. Support us to support you at your local and we feel this scheme could be a great success for Llangybi residents.

Please contact us or ask on a visit if you have any questions regarding the membership scheme or its operation.