Our History

The Historical White Hart

Jane Seymour Historical Portrait

Jane Seymour

Located in the beautiful Usk Vale, this historic inn was originally built in the 12th century for Cistercian monks.  At some time in the early 1500s, it became the property of Henry VIII as part of Jane Seymour’s wedding dowry. Jane was Henry’s 3rd wife and had a number of properties in the area. The White Hart was one.

Oliver Cromwell History

Oliver Cromwell

A century after Jane Seymour, Oliver Cromwell was reputed to have used the Inn as his local headquarters. Recent research has concluded Cromwell was more active in the area than previously thought and all indications are that the White Hart was one of his favourite buildings in the area.

Poet T.S. Eliot

TS Elliot

Students of English Literature pondered over several lines of the great poet’s writing in his poem ‘Usk’.  The lines read ‘ Do not hope to find the white hart behind the white well’.  Only recently has it been established that Eliot was not referring to the animal but to the  White Hart Village Inn. Touring in 1935, the great poet had visited the old hostelry which does indeed stand not far from the village well. The well is gone but the Inn remains.

Main Bar Fireplace The White Hart llangybi History

The White Hart Village Inn

The Inn is an attractive, friendly stop for travellers in the Usk area, with the added bonus of being part of some key events in British history. Much of the period interior build and decor remains with no fewer than 11 fireplaces in the building, a collection of original exposed beams and areas of Tudor plasterwork. There is even a Priest’s hole – ask the staff to point it out if you are visiting.